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first things first

What is Chronicle?

Chronicle is a studio and marketplace digital platform built entirely for fans featuring officially licensed digital collectibles, also more commonly known as NFT's.

Launched in 2021, users across the globe can buy, sell, trade, bid, and gift authenticated digital collectibles licensed directly from the world's leading brands.

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introducing collectible rewards

XNL — your rewards program

XNL powers Chronicle. It's a carefully crafted utility token designed to offer a series of rewards and incentives for the Chronicle community. Read the whitepaper.

Premium access to limited edition collectibles
Discounts on trading fees, rewards and bonuses
Staking incentives, governance and voting

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Meet the Chronicle team


Tim Glover

Since 2014, Tim has worked as a viral marketing and franchise consultant for Universal and Amblin's Jurassic World franchise creating immersive digital content. Tim works tirelessly for the fans and is driving the creative arrangements with Chronicle.

Jim Jin

An investor in blockchain projects since 2016, Jim has been involved with the tokenomics behind successful projects, such as Thorchain. Jim is overseeing the XNL component behind Chronicle.

Executives & Advisory

Doug Neil

Senior entertainment executive with over 10 years experience in digital marketing for Universal Pictures. Doug oversaw the release of 200+ theatrical titles and established Universal’s presence in an ever adapting digital world.

Lucas Lang

A founder of successful technological and business startups in Australia, Lucas has been an investor on the blockchain since 2018 and is an avid collector of rare items. Lucas brings business intellect to Chronicle.

Fong Jek Gan

Fong Jek founded Jubilee Capital Management and launched one of the earliest Blockchain VC funds in Singapore. He was also an early investor of Smart Valor, the first European digital asset exchange to launch an NFT marketplace.

Yemu Xu

Co-founder of Bella Protocol and ARPA. Yemu is a serial entrepreneur, crypto art collector and avid DeFi investor. He is passionate about growth, crypto and buidl. He looks forward to helping Chronicle plug into the world of DeFi.

Chronicle operations

Jack Ewins

7+ years of experience in the creative entertainment industry consulting with Universal Pictures on the fan-focused Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom digital transmedia campaigns.

Jennifer Joseph

Jennifer is a business development professional experienced in driving growth in luxury, technology and start-up companies in both B2B and B2C markets.

Aarom Wilson

A communications specialist, brand strategist and creative marketer with 15+ years’ experience in the music, media, entertainment and NFP sectors, Aarom’s passion for fan-first marketing reflects Chronicle’s unique focus.

Monika Tantau

With a passion for real-world applications of blockchain, Monika began working on blockchain projects in 2017. She has facilitated international partnerships with companies such as China’s, leading blockchain influencers and government organisations.

Manuel Bejarano

3D environmental artist, including AR and VR technologies. Manuel has consulted with Universal Pictures and created immersive digital media for the fans of the Jurassic World franchise.

Willa Wan

Willa is an international marketing manager with experience working for IBM. Her portfolio spans optimizing ad campaigns, creating adaptive B2B marketing lecture content for CKGSB EMBA program, and leading integrated digital marketing with primary goals of improving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention rates.

Melissa Moyle

A former WNBL professional basketball player in Australia, Melissa has previously worked in government and various e-commerce brands doing marketing and social media.

We're in great company

Our team have experience working with some of the world's leading brands

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