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The innovative digital studio building new experiences with the world's greatest entertainment brands.
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CHRONICLE gamezone
Where the digital realm meets play. Dive into a world of immersive web3 NFT games, meticulously crafted and designed for the next generation of online gaming.
more than a studio — bigger than a platform
We're forging the path to the internet's next frontier – web3.
regenesis Digital collectibles app
Our digital collectibles app that offers a marketplace, trading platform, wallet all in a simple to use application with email sign in.
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redeemable nft service
Chronicle's innovative solutions allow companies to create and add redeem codes to any physical product in the world allowing users to claim a free NFT.
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Chronicle Studio
Premium quality animation, VFX, design, marketing, and web3 services.
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We're in great company
Our team has experience working with an ever-growing list of the world's leading entertainment brands.
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