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Redeem Code as a Service
Unable to reach your customers? Imagine being able to not only know who they are, but be able to communicate with them and provide them with loyalty! It’s all done with Chronicle.
Regenesis can be accessed anywhere in the world via the web store or the app (iOS / Android)
Users simply claim a set of digital collectibles via a unique “redeem code” system
Chronicle sets up your digital collectibles and provides your brand with the list of unique claim codes
You distribute the codes with your products… then watch as the magic happens!
Strategic benefits for your brand
1. Add-ons for your existing products
2. Instant brand activation
3. Authentication
4. Customer loyalty
5. Community building
6. Marketing for the web3
one-two punch, just like that...
Enters unique 16-digit redeem code and instantly claim the NFT. Your NFT will be placed in your Regenesis Wallet where you can trade with further buy / sell / redeem with ease.
Chronicle offers a DIGITAL solution,
allowing for brands to activate collectible NFTs via eco-friendly blockchain technology:
100% eco-friendly
 (carbon-offset blockchain technology)
Know who your customers are (via intuitive user registration in-app)
Ease of use, convenience (web & mobile)
Dedicated marketplace —  buy, sell, trade
Truly global —  access anywhere in the world
Collectibles stored for the user in their Regenesis Wallet — access anytime!
And best of all…
Users promote your collectibles on their social media, i.e. free marketing
Opportunities to profit via royalties and additional sales
Boulder City Business gets creative to cash in on Life is Beautiful
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