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Your all-in-one store and wallet, designed by fans, for fans. Explore our range of stores, trade in the secondary market, join auctions, unlock mystery boxes, and use redeem codes. Stay tuned – Gamezone is coming soon.
For Brands:
Online store (primary sales)
Branded collection pages
Back-end admin dashboard
Back-end NFT creation 
& management
Know your customer (KYC)
For Users:
Easy user onboarding
No crypto-know-how required
Secondary marketplace (sell, buy)
Inbuilt collectibles wallet
Dedicated tokens wallet
Accessible via web or mobile app
Dive into the universe of Regenesis collectibles, anytime, anywhere. Trade, purchase, or sell your digital treasures directly from your mobile. Available now on iOS and Android.
Multi-Chain Support
In addition to Aurora, Regenesis will also be supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Base Blockchains. This will be reflected in the UI/UX.
Backend Smart Contracts
Better configuration of the platform to enable each collection to have and run on its own smart contract so users can better read on-chain data.
Withdrawable NFts
Enabling users to withdraw NFTs to their own wallet if they should so choose.
Regenesis Gamezone
Originally highlighted in the whitepaper as "Chronicle Universe" , the Gamezone is a brand new section on Chronicle that hosts playable NFT games. Chronicle will essentially be building its own NFT game maker API and releasing game titles starting with Super Jets in 2024.
XNL Sub-Accounts
We’ll be migrating XNL to a more efficient blockchain to better enable supported deposits in the Chronicle ecosystem.
XNL STaking & REwards
Allowing for XNL staking inside Chronicle and for users to earn rewards, such as receiving a percentage of profits made from revenue driven from the Regenesis Gamezone.
Enabling Chronicle's NFT launchpad to support other projects and brands wishing to utilize Chronicle to launch their collection. Multi-chain support and withdrawable NFTs allows us to do this.
Platform gamification
Gamification of the Regenesis platform so that user accounts can obtain XP and upgrade over time, encourage further use and interaction. Points are scored for continuous use of the platform (e.g. daily check in, purchasing, etc)
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